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Installation of the SuperBrace isn't difficult, but there is one "gotcha," which is the lower ends of the fork boots. The SuperBrace uses the space where the boot bottoms normally clamp, but there is a fix for this...
The SuperBrace and Daystar boots came from Fred Hink's Arrowhead Motorsports at: https://www.angelfire.com/ut/moab/index.html

The picture above shows the Daystar boots that Fred sells for the KLR650. I was going to use the OEM boots, but I didn't care for the look of the brownish OEM boots into the black brace. Note the wide band at the bottom (left) of the boots, normally used to zip-tie the boots to the fork tube. I assume this procedure would work just as well for the OEM boots, but have not tried it.

boots2.jpg (16691 bytes)boots1.jpg (15060 bytes)
The above pictures shows the same boots with the band cut off right where it ended under the first "bellows" of the boot.

bootsheldup.jpg (18725 bytes)
The picture above shows the SuperBrace on the bike. Install the SuperBrace with the bolts to the rear, and the "SuperBrace" text facing forward. Position the brace so the actual clamping area is flush with the lip/edge of the lower fork tube top. This shows in the next photo, below. Hold the boots out of the way with clothesline, or whatever. Use some blue Loctite on the bolts, then tighten to the recommended torque.

bracewell.jpg (23645 bytes)
The arrow in the above picture not only shows that the bottom of the SuperBrace well is mounted flush with the top of the lower fork tube, but also where to apply silicone. IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two holes in each boot, about in the middle. Before the boots are set into the silicone, make sure these holes are facing BACK, toward the gas tank. I got one of the smaller tubes of GE Silicone II, taped a flex straw to the tip, and ran a bead of silicone all around the inside "corner" of the brace well. Be sure to keep it well away from the fork seal, and don't apply too much or it could be squeezed into the fork seal area.

bootsinwell.jpg (21218 bytes)
The above picture shows the next to last step. Work the bottom few boot "bellows" down into the well, applying even pressure to be sure the rubber is well seated into the well & silicone. Once you've done this, move the whole boot down, as shown, and clamp into place until the silicone is thoroughly dry.

bracedone.jpg (24366 bytes)
The picture above shows the completed installation.