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The stock seat just isn't good for long distances, and is often replaced with an aftermarket saddle. Corbin makes an excellent saddle for the KLR, and as of mid 2001 is offering them for a greatly reduced price. One of the advantages of the Corbin is that they build the entire saddle, you keep the stock one - No downtime waiting for the new saddle to arrive!
You can choose color of the saddle itself, and the color of the trim seam that runs around most of the perimeter. You also have a choice of material, and material options. Most KLR owners, myself included, specifically request that the saddle be built with no dip. The standard saddle with a dip can cause the rider to be forced more forward than might be desirable.

corbinside.jpg (37963 bytes)
Note the "No Dip" construction
corbinabove.jpg (34470 bytes)
Well constructed, perfect fit
corbintopdown.jpg (44089 bytes)
13" at middle, this thing is a recliner!

Thanks to Dan for the picture above. Here's what he had to say: Attached (picture above) is my A14 with standard dished Corbin seat.  Pretty happy with it.  Lowers my reach to the ground and slippery enough to allow me to slide around for different positions.