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Except for oil changes and that type of thing, most of what I do to the bike is done during my winter downtime. If I can't be riding the bike, at least I can be working on it and getting it ready to ride!
   Mileage                                               Work Performed
5-9-2001  => Picked Up From Ronnie's of Pittsfield. 1/10th on odometer.
100 Installed a Tecumseh 34279B gas filter.
400 55/100 Xeon H4 Headlamp, halogen taillamp, Moose bash plate, Russell braided stainless lines front & back - Valvoline SynPower DOT 3&4 synthetic brake fluid, rear brake guard, Pro Gel Grips, JC Whitney tail trunk.
500 Valve check and adjustment. 20-50 Spectro conventional oil and Emgo 10-30000 oil filter.
980 Oil change using Spectro 20-50 conventional oil & Emgo 10-30000 filter.
1200 Oil change using Spectro 20-50 conventional oil & Emgo 10-30000 filter. Tecumseh 34279B gas filter, sandblasted spark plug, cleaned air filter. Installed Jake's headlight guard. Balancer adjustment.
2385 Oil change using Spectro 20-50 conventional oil & Emgo filter. Emgo 10-30000 filter.
3350 Winter Maintenance & Upgrading:
* New Galfer front (Green) brake pads
* New Galfer rear (Black) brake pads
* Dual-Star subframe bolt upgrade
* Dual-Star billet oil filler cap & keychain wrench
* Happy-Trails radiator guard
* NAPA bakelite headlamp connector upgrade - LS6235
* Clutch & Sidestand safety switch bypass
* Longer ABS tool tube "highway pegs" (hose, wire & hacksaw blades)
* Corbin black/black no-dip saddle in black vinyl basketweave
* Vista-Cruise throttle lock
* K&P stainless oil filter
* Jake's stainless steel fastener replacement kit
* Daystar fork boots
* SuperBrace fork brace
* Avon Distanzia AM-43 & AM-44 front & rear tires. (21" and 17")
* Moose heavy duty 21" front tube
* Metzler 17" rear tube
* Dirtly.com poly chain slide & guide (matching green)
* 16 tooth engine sprocket (stock is 15 tooth)
* Stu's carb rain T-mod
* Swingarm maintenance - cleaning and Mobil 1 synthetic grease lube
* Chain cleaning and lube
* Fork oil change (tubes off drain, PJ1 #15)
* Cable lube - Tri-Flow lubricant
* IMS folding shift lever
* Wrapped brake lines in black loom
* Coolant drain & replace with Havoline Dex-Cool
* Cleaned air filter
* Bled coolant system of air
* Upgraded to two Fiamm trumpet style horns
* Changed oil, 20-50 Golden Spectro (synthetic), cleaned K&P filter
* New NGK DPR8EA-9 spark plug
* Valve check (Clearances haven't changed much, well within spec.)
* Balancer adjustment
* Replaced all stock holders/fuses with Buss flat, blade-type.
* Drilled out pilot screw cap, and set screw to 2 1/4 turns.
3820 2.5L Golden Spectro 20-50, Emgo 10-30000. (I didn't want to fool with cleaning the stainless filter while "on the road.") Reset mixture from 2.25 turns to 1.75 turns because the plug indicated a too rich setting. Installed a new plug, DPR8EA-9, cleaned air filter foam, checked / reset tire pressures, and lubed chain. Installed new Tecumseh 34279B gas filter and moved the tailbox back a little to gain more luggage & seating room.
5223 2.5L Golden Spectro 20-50, re-installed K&P stainless filter.
6423 2.5L Golden Spectro 20-50, cleaned K&P stainless filter.
7340 Installed a Big Cee Shark Fin. Big Cee Website My Installation Procedure: Shark Fin Installation

Bash plate: enlarged the hole around the oil drain plug to prevent the last of the draining oil from hitting the edge and pooling. Also cut out a half-circle on the left side to improve access to the balancer adjustment bolt.

DUH! A very long senior moment, I guess. It wasn't the size of the bash plate hole that was causing the oil puddle, but tipping the bike far over to the right side to get the last of the oil! Man, it's tough getting old...

7865 2.5L Golden Spectro 20-50, cleaned K&P stainless filter.
7895 Adjusted balancer per Eldon Carl's procedure.
8370 Moose magnetic drain plug, replaced stock Idler shaft lever (doohickey) with Jake's Sagebrush upgrade, and upgraded spring. Oil change with Spectro Golden 20-50 synthetic and cleaned K&P stainless filter. Installed new brake pads; Galfer green in front, and Galfer black in the rear. Lubed the swingarm, and the speedometer hub. Cleaned and oiled the drive chain. Installed Kawasaki taller windscreen. (Thanks Jonathan!) Installed a new set of Pro-Grip gel handgrips, and a new NGK DPR8EA-9 spark plug. Installed a new inline gas filter.
8450 Changed oil : 2.5L Golden Spectro 20-50 synthetic, cleaned K&P oil filter.
8642 Flat tire on I78 - (Clinton, NJ?) John's Cycle on Route 22 installed a new Kenda N-1709 4.50 / 5.10 - 17 TR6 tube.
10,000 Changed oil : 2.5L Golden Spectro 20-50 synthetic, cleaned K&P oil filter.
13,000 Changed oil : 2.5L Golden Spectro 20-50 synthetic, cleaned K&P oil filter.
* Installed Metzler Tourance tires front & back, with Bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty tubes.
* Speedometer cable and hub lube
* Clutch & brake cable lube
* Performed Swingarm maintenance
* Cleaned drive chain with WD40
* Installed new Galfer brake pads; Green in front, Black in the rear
* Mity-Vac brake system flush using Valvoline SynPower DOT 3&4 synthetic brake fluid.
* Drained Fork Tubes, and replaced with fresh PJ1 #15
* Installed Eagle handlebar risers
* Installed MSR Brake Saver
* Installed DSR Fuse Relocation Kit
* Installed DSR Fuse Accessory Kit
* Installed 12v Outlet in Big Cee Sport Dash
* Installed Clearview 11+ windshield
* Drained & flushed cooling system, filled with Rotella 50/50 premix