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[Model] STHM-22CV
[Serial] 3390485


[Family] SKH624U1G2RB
[Model] CV22s
[Spec] 67513
[DISPL(cc)] 624
[Serial] 2811400471


[Serial Number] 10281255
CC 20467

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of the tank before I applied the repair compound.

The picture above shows my installation of galvanized sheet metal to protect the oil tank from further damage. The hole has been patched with the Syon product - see the last picture - and the tank remounted.

The picture above shows a side view of the finished installation.

In only 228 hours, the top edge of the battery had worn through the tank. When I removed the battery to clean up the oil that I thought had come from a loose fitting, I found the damage that the battery had done to the tank.

The above picture shows the $16.01 sales receipt from H.D. Reynolds for the Syon tank repair kit. Also shown, for your information, is the box top from the product that I used for the repair.